Integrated Texting and Email Automation for Auto Sales

Your clients anticipate communications from you to be as smooth as vehicle sales. Give them the business integrated texting and email automation for auto sales experience they require for customer care, auto sales, and service department appointments.

Integrated texting and email automation for auto sales for clients who purchase and service cars

Setting up the subsequent meeting is the most crucial stage in finalizing a deal. It’s crucial to promptly follow up with pertinent product information to those who leave the showroom or submit an online request. It is increasingly essential to let a dealer text customer. Sales managers must access to client discussions in order to establish more consistent sales funnels. Additionally, service departments need to alert customers in a more effective method than over the phone. Integrated texting and email automation for auto sales ensures that your team spends more time servicing and completing sales, with a 98% open rate.

Give your car service departments more time

Utilize SimpSocial to let clients contact you with questions, set up recurring service reminders, and notify them when their car is ready for pickup. SimpSocial allows your employees to interact with consumers by SMS rather than voicemails, emails, or phone calls, saving them time.

Text messaging can speed up auto sales

Reaching the next meeting or visiting the dealership on time is essential to completing a transaction. Using integrated texting and email automation for auto sales to handle car sales guarantees a prompt response. SimpSocial’s featured apps are compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. SimpSocial can be used on any computer by internet managers and receptionists. They can swiftly respond to any queries a customer may have by setting up auto replies, setting up meetings, and sending customized templates.

Send customized messages to a number of dealership clients

Convey a single message to several clients at once. SimpSocial allows you to add a custom field, such as the customer’s name, to each message. Clients can respond to you in secret and won’t be able to see one another. It works wonders for updating clients on new products and luring them back to your auto shop.

Utilizes current resources and phone numbers

To encourage customers to integrated texting and email automation for auto sales and your dealership, text your current phone numbers. Make it easier for visitors to your dealership website to ask questions via SMS by adding the SimpSocial webchat widget. Respond to communications from SimpSocial‘s popular channels, such as Facebook and Apple communications for Business. Additionally, SimpSocial may obtain contacts via Zapier from your lead generating software or Google Sheets.

Automate the interaction of integrated texting and email automation for auto sales

Use scalable integrated texting and email automation for auto sales to maintain contact with leads and consumers. Set up drip campaigns to gradually notify clients through texts about deals and sales occasions. Create time-saving process automations for your team by basing them on message keywords, timing, or channel.

Add texting functionality to your CRM

SimpSocial makes it simple for you to synchronize text messaging with your customer data by integrating with well-known CRM platforms. Use customized fields from your CRM to send individualized SMS. Create effective multi-step workflows based on the behavior and signals from your consumers.

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