Inbound Marketing’s Four Pillars

Inbound Marketing’s Four Pillars

Delivering ideas and building resources that will have a positive effect on your company and goals is what inbound marketing is all about. To communicate with your prospects and eventually engage your clients, your approach should involve a variety of marketing platforms and solutions.

For Your Assisted Living Group, Use Inbound Marketing Strategies

It is not enough to simply have a website; you must also draw visitors to it. What’s the right way to go about doing this? We’ll go over the four foundations of staying top of mind for the clients and potential audience in the sections below. These concepts will help you expand your pipeline, increase conversions, raise brand awareness, and improve your overall reporting.

1- Attract attention

This is where you demonstrate to your prospects that you are trustworthy. You establish a rapport with the individual and ask pertinent questions. Can you assist them in resolving their issues? Can you put them at ease if that’s the case? Is it possible for you to make it easy to schedule time on your calendar?

The main goal is to raise visibility and put yourself in front of your prospects by telling them who you are and what you do. You want to draw traffic to your website and provide them with useful material. Do you have any questions about your business that you can answer?


2 – Transform

You want to turn eligible marketing leads into customers after you’ve attracted them. Lead forms, newsletter subscriptions, and other places where your contacts can opt-in to your communications should be located here. You want them to be able to send you their email address, name, and other pertinent information that will help you better understand how you can assist them in becoming a customer. Check your analytics to see where your visitors are coming from – Google, social media, or a blog post? This is crucial during the exploration stage of your relationship. You’ve finally obtained the required digits – or email address.

Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight are four words that come to mind when it comes to marketing.

You now have an inbound lead in your hands, which is fantastic. Although this is a fantastic opportunity, make sure you participate in a way that allows you to stay ahead of your competition.

3 – Conclude

We’re both eager to complete the transaction. So, what’s the right way to go about doing it? It’s all about the numbers. What is the minimum number of leads you need to convert into paying customers? You want to provide them with the details they need and assist them along the way without being too intrusive or spammy. We want them to be enthralled by your post. Don’t be overjoyed when you get an email because you’ve just missed out on an opportunity. Check your CRM and keep track of action to see how you can better serve and close this opportunity.


4 – Rejoice

Once you’ve left your favorite restaurant, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You may want to leave a Google Review, share the dinner on social media, or even share with your neighbors, aside from the fact that you are happily complete. When you turn your customers into promoters and raving reviewers, you’ve hit the delight stage.

This is the stage that is often ignored. How much of your revenue is from regular customers or referrals? If your customers are satisfied, you can reward them or have them participate in a referral program that helps both your customer and your bottom line.


5 – Steps To Getting Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Started

Wouldn’t it be great if your senior living center had a waiting list? We know the best way to connect with your potential residents and their families. Take a look at our guide right now.

How To Use Inbound Marketing Effectively In Your Senior Living Community

Following the Inbound approach will help you draw leads to your company and cultivate those who are already clients by making it easier for people to find you and creating a friendly sales experience – so that it is really a delightful process for both of you.

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