In the past year, video has affected dealership sales processes in three ways.

How can you use tailored video approaches across the sales cycle to connect with potential customers, convert opportunities, and close deals more quickly? We all know that video is a key engagement tool to cut through today’s noise.


1. Video Gets Past Inboxes


If it isn’t already, video content ought to be a crucial component of your modern dealership’s sales procedures. Consider it the wave that raises all boats or the message that pierces all email inboxes. A consumer may smile, chuckle, and most importantly, respond with that extra push! A compelling video experience prepares your audience for the information or material that will come next.


By merely integrating and measuring customized films in their sales processes, Gee Automotive Companies, a company that serves 35 dealerships in the Pacific Northwest, demonstrated significant front-end gross.


2. Distance relationships can be created through video


The car industry has learned a lot in recent years about the value of online sales. Many dealerships were unable to keep up with demand, so customers began to look outside of their own state for their new cars. Many of them began their search online. Videos and virtual tours have become crucial tools for establishing rapport with customers and creating a memorable shopping experience.


Weiss Toyota of South County St. Louis’ Internet Sales Manager, Mike Indelicato, shares a tale of a deal he struck with a customer who resided in Hawaii. Through an internet connection, they were able to communicate virtually and watch a series of videos together. According to Mike, “The man spent $1000 to transport the truck to California and another two grand to ship the truck over to Hawaii since he was so satisfied with the video walkaround that was sent and after talking with various dealers around the country. It took him around four weeks to receive the Takoma, but once he did, he was overjoyed. He even emailed me a photo of the truck with the Hawaiian palm trees in the backdrop, and it was dead accurate.


3. Video Speeds Up Deal Cycles


The best technique to appeal to your audience’s emotions is through video. According to research from the University of Southern California, a consumer’s choice to make a purchase may be influenced more by their emotional reaction to a video ad than by the commercial’s content. It all boils down to the reality that emotion encourages empathy, and empathy creates trust, both of which are important for today’s sales.


To integrate video into your sales process, you don’t have to be an expert on YouTube or a TikTok celebrity. You can quickly increase conversions, make personalized videos (like a rock star), and exceed your sales quota by just knowing your business and your clients.

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