Gab’s Gift

The Gift of Gab is more about listening than talking.


The so-called “gift of gab” is actually only deserving of the hype if it is accompanied by a sincere effort to listen to the party being gabbed to, which may seem contradictory. The “gift” of gab refers to the capacity to convince; verbosity is something entirely different.


Asking good questions that encourage the other person to give relevant details about themselves and their viewpoint on the topic at hand is a key component of successful listening.


In a dialogue where one side is trying to sell something to the other, this dynamic is particularly important because preferences and objections need to be identified in order to be addressed and overcome.


The fundamental power of online tools lies in their capacity to persuade and compensate the user to provide information about themselves and their preferences for the goods they are purchasing. The digital experience essentially creates a profile of the customer and offers them customized options for their buying needs in exchange for the information they provide. This procedure essentially replicates what having the gift of gab may achieve through conversation, although it does not usually take its place. The majority of customers concur that a personal touch and a human aspect should be present in the transaction to help them develop trust and confidence in the vendor and the procedure. A well-informed and well-profiled shopper can become a trustworthy and contented client with the use of one’s gift for gab.


The goal of SimpSocial is to maximize the value of every lead, and the company has perfected the art of persuasion and the capacity to coach those with a natural gift for gab to achieve that goal.


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