Four Green Ways to Market Your Dealership

It’s a good reminder to look for ways to make our earth a little bit cleaner as we observe Earth Day.


Here are four strategies to market your dealership in a more environmentally friendly manner:


1. Present your eco-friendly goods and services

In 2021, the majority of automakers will provide at least one environmentally friendly car. By using less or more gas, these vehicles have a less harmful impact on the environment than their conventional counterparts.


Customers that value those qualities will explicitly search for them; therefore, you need to make sure they are noticeable in your inventory.


Some ways to draw attention to your environmentally friendly vehicles are:


Advertise exactly what is on your property with current inventory ads for display advertising. These display ads have the potential to reach more than 90% of internet users, guaranteeing that your inventory is presented to the appropriate customer at the appropriate time, in the appropriate location, and in accordance with the customer’s shopping habits.

Did you know that 71% of used car buyers wind up buying the car they had originally planned to buy? These search ads are distinctive for each car on your lot and are tailored to include information about the make, model, price, and mileage of each car. Additionally, they connect customers to your vehicle detail pages for a simple experience.

Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) on Facebook send your available inventory from your DMS directly to Facebook. It structures the specifics of each vehicle to adhere to Facebook’s technical requirements, automatically creates distinctive ads for each vehicle, and drives them to the pages detailing the vehicle in question, lead forms, or the next step in the purchasing process.

2. Think locally.

You must get engaged in your community if you want your dealership to become well-known in your area. In addition to having a beneficial effect on individuals around you, volunteering or making a donation to a local cause is a terrific way to garner attention. People in your community will already have your dealership’s name in the back of their minds when they are prepared to buy their next vehicle.


Although every municipality is unique, some suggestions for giving back are:


Recycling collection at your dealership

Sponsor a section of the neighborhood garden.

Collect some workers and their families to help clean up garbage or plant trees in a nearby park.

3. Online banner placement

In addition to consuming a lot of resources (the average billboard uses 48 or 96 sheets of posters), physical banners and billboards are frequently unsuccessful.


It’s no secret that during the past year, fewer people have driven their cars. Those billboards aren’t as noticeable as they once were. Additionally, it is advised to limit those banners to 10 words or less, as anyone who reads them is likely to be perplexed as to what to do next even if they do pay attention.


On the other hand, people are massively increasing the amount of time they spend online. You may target people who are most likely to make purchases with banner advertisements in addition to being present where consumers spend their time.


4. Incorporate Greenery

People respond strongly to their surroundings. It can affect how we feel and act. Because of this, consumers are prepared to spend extra for cute boutique experiences, and many fast-food establishments use hues like red and yellow to pique customers’ appetites.


This also holds true for your dealership.


Customers will be less defensive and easier to persuade if they feel peaceful and at ease in their surroundings.


Using plants is one of the simplest methods to accomplish this. Plants can stage your vehicles, help cool down warm showrooms, and improve the ambiance of your interior.  They make consumers believe they are receiving a better shopping experience while also promoting environmental sustainability.


Our world is truly beautiful. Despite all that we put it through, it continues to give us everything we need, including food, air, and shelter. Wendell Berry, a novelist, famously remarked, “The Earth is what we all have in common.”

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