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If you are not skilled at seizing the moment with potential clients in today’s fiercely competitive market, you are probably losing out to rivals who are. Mementology’s rising popularity is directly connected to how well it engages clients at pivotal points in their journey.


The study of moments and creating opportunities is known as “momentology.”


Moments count. Learn them, then create them. – Mitch Abblett, M.D.


Momentology is also known as the study of customers and the digital media they interact with and use during the buying process.**


Are you ready to engage your leads in a way that maximizes ROI and captures the moment?


SimpSocial gives dealerships the ability to


  • I’ll respond shortly.

  • Create trust immediately.

  • incite a sense of urgency.

  • Quickly convert leads into appointments.

  • immediate ROI maximization.

  • all the while permitting your sales team to save their time and energy in securing the deal.


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