Create High-Quality Custom Backgrounds for Car Images Using AI

One of the most essential aspects of car images on a website is their background. We all know that professional-looking images sell vehicles faster than regular images on online car-selling platforms. However, you can take things a step further by using custom car backgrounds of images in your listings.


Automotive images with custom backdrops can help you stand out from your rivals and give you an edge in the online car retail space. How? We’ll answer all your questions and more in this blog. Let’s get started!


What is a Custom Car Background?

A custom car background is a personalized wallpaper that one can add to their vehicle images, to improve the aesthetics and appeal of said images. Online car retailers – dealerships, marketplaces, and independent sellers – showcase their vehicles on the internet using high-quality pictures, and replacing the original backdrop in these photographs with consistent, good-looking, custom car wallpapers helps them establish a visual language for their brand and attract more customers to their digital stores.


Custom Car Background


Using a custom background is better than stock wallpapers or a transparent car background, as it can help with your branding efforts. Also, the former can be customized to give you the desired look and feel – show your car images in the most appealing manner – while the latter doesn’t give you the same freedom. It is much harder to manipulate stock images to fit your visual requirements, and the result is usually not as attractive. It’s much easier and better to create personalized wallpapers.


Why do Dealerships Need Custom Backgrounds for Car Images

As stated above, clicking top-quality, good-looking car images for your VDP (Vehicle Display Pages) is extremely important for online retailers. Photographs are all buyers have to evaluate an automobile at a digital store, and any compromises on that front could lose you a lot of sales.


Why do dealerships need custom backgrounds


Random images with cluttered backgrounds clicked in a parking lot or a street, don’t look professional. If buyers land on your website and find such pictures showcasing your inventory, they might jump to a competitor. If you want your business to succeed, you must avoid this scenario.


With custom car photo backdrops for your inventory images, your VDPs (Vehicle Display Pages) will look much more professional. Also, shoppers would trust your brand more, making it more likely for them to buy from you. Long story short, using good-looking backgrounds of car images for your car inventory will positively impact your online sales.


Benefits of Custom Car Background Images for Dealerships

Let’s take a more detailed look at the benefits of using high-quality, good-looking car photo backgrounds for your VDPs.


Attract consumer attention

The competition in the online car market has grown multi-fold in recent years. There are plenty of players in this space, all fighting for consumer attention. That’s why it is vital for you to stand out from the crowd (in a good way, of course!).


Give your VDPs a consistent look

It doesn’t matter where you shoot your car images; if they all have the same backdrop, you’ll create a consistent look for your VDPs. This will improve the overall look and feel of your website, making your business seem more professional. Using randomly shot images – click on a street or your dealer lot with other cars poking into the frame – will give a littered, unprofessional look to your online retail channels, bringing down the visual appeal.


Help create a brand identity

With consistent backdrops for your cars, you can create a brand identity for your business. You can create a template – complete with your dealership or marketplace logo smartly integrated into it – which will then be featured in all your car photographs.


Also, if you create a premium brand image, you can easily upsell your cars. Of course, your inventory should consist of premium (and good quality!) cars that won’t throw trouble after they roll into the buyers’ garages!


Gain consumer confidence

When potential customers land on your dealership website or online marketplace, they’ll judge your website even before they judge your cars. If the images you’ve used look unprofessional and have messy backgrounds, they might not feel comfortable buying from you.


On the other hand, high-impact custom backdrops will give your inventory a professional look. Only when your brand seems legit will you be able to push shoppers to make a purchase? The cars, deals, and discounts, etc., all come into play later.


Better sales conversions

Combining the above factors will give you one result – better sales conversion through your online retail channels. Compared to listings with unprocessed, cluttered pictures, listings with good-looking car photo backgrounds generate a lot of interest. With the proper lead generation tools and an easy purchase journey on your website, you’ll see a rise in your sales numbers in no time!


How to Create Custom Backgrounds for Car Images

To create custom backgrounds for your images, tradition dictates that you build (or rent out) a Custom Car Studio and hire a photography crew to shoot your cars. This is quite an expensive process, and the heavy investment will eat into your profits. You can increase your car prices accordingly, but then, you won’t remain competitive.


How to create custom backgrounds of car images


Well, there’s a simple solution to this problem – Car Background Replacement using editing software.


You can further divide this into two categories:

1. Using manual editing solutions

2.  Using AI-led editing solutions


Manual editing solutions

Manual editing software – like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and PicMonkey – can be used to edit images and add custom backdrops to your car photographs. However, you need a professional to run it for you or learn how to use it yourself. The editing process is quite taxing and time-consuming, but you can create impressive high-quality output. It is significantly more affordable than custom Car Photography.


AI-powered edition solutions

AI-powered editing platforms, like SimpSocial AI, make things a lot easy! All you need to do is select the appropriate backdrop, and voila! The software automatically changes the original background of your car pictures with a new one, and that too in a matter of seconds! No need for expensive studios, photography crews, or any professional help. Image background replacement using AI is easy, affordable, and extremely quick.


Apply Custom Car Backgrounds Automatically using AI

SimpSocial has been working on computer vision AI technology to enable car sellers to create stunning car images using technology. Our AI-powered photoshoot and image editing platform make Car Image Background Removal and replacement a breeze – car sellers and marketplaces transform poor car images into studio-setting pictures in seconds, 100% automatically.


You can choose from a library of 100+ Car Background wallpaper, and then the AI does its magic! Our AI tool helps you generate a new background setting and a turntable-like floor for your car image automatically. You can also choose to get transparent car background if you wish!


We can also help you customize the backgrounds of car images according to your dealership’s facade. You can either create your own personalized car background image – with your storefront or brand logo integrated into the background – and upload it to the system, or request us to create one for your business.


Once you have selected the background of your choice, simply upload your pictures in the SimpSocial AI app or Darkroom on your web browser. You can upload images in bulk, too; no matter the number of photos, the editing part just takes seconds!


Curious about how to do it? Here’s a simple guideline for editing your car images using SimpSocial Darkroom.


How to Edit Car Images using SimpSocial

SimpSocial Darkroom is easy to use and requires no download – simply open it on your web browser and begin editing! Want a quick tutorial? Follow the steps below:


1. Go to On the top banner, go to the “solutions’ tab and select Darkroom. Alternatively, you can click on “Try it yourself – Upload an image” to open SimpSocial Darkroom.


How to edit car images


2. On the categories page, select “Automobile.”


How to edit car images steps


3. Click on “Browse files” and select the pictures you want to edit from your computer. Alternatively, you can click “upload” on the top banner.


Custom car backgrounds with AI step 3


4. Select the background of your choice from the menu on the left (to add custom car image backgrounds, contact our team).


Car Backgrounds – select the backgrounds


5. Once you have selected the backdrop of your choice, click on “process image.”


Car Backgrounds – process images


6. The edited photograph(s) will be displayed on your computer screen within seconds. The system automatically adds the selected car photo background to your car picture(s) and even masks the numberplate (to add your brand logo here, contact our team). For added realism, our AI creates a life-like shadow on the floor and removes any reflections from the windscreen and windows.


Custom car backgrounds – edit images


7. Click on the “Download” button to get the edited picture(s).


Car Backgrounds – download the image


Note: You need to purchase credits to download your images. You can reach out to our team for free credits in order to test the SimpSocial AI Car Photo Editor for yourself.


AI photo editor will give your ready-to-publish, studio-quality car images in a matter of seconds. You can reduce the time-to-market of the vehicles in your inventory by up to 80%. Also, it is much more affordable than creating a custom car studio and hiring a photography crew, which means better profit margins for your retail business! Using our AI platform, you can cut down your photoshoot costs by up to 70%.


SimpSocial AI users have also noted an increase of around 40% in the CTR (Click Through Rate) of their inventory listings, ultimately leading to increased sales numbers. As you don’t need a crew for photoshoots and the editing is quick and automatic, using AI makes scaling up your inventory extremely easy!



Once you’ve created custom backgrounds of car images for your online inventory, it is easy to add them to your vehicle pictures using AI. We’ve already walked you through the benefits of using personalized backdrops for creating custom car photos for your online sales channels, and if you aren’t already planning to use them, you definitely should!


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