Company Blog 5 Basics of Twitter for Auto Dealers

Twitter is useful for many things, such as better SEO, customer communication, active listening, customizing a business, and joining the discourse in your sector. If managed correctly, Twitter accounts can help your dealership appear on page 1 of Google search results. That may add a link that you control or remove a bad link from page 1. Twitter is also fantastic for listening to your clients and helping you learn about new resources and best practices.


1. Creating an account:


For simple identification, name your Twitter account as close as you can to the name of your dealership. Additionally, complete all of the profile elements, including the bio, website, and location. Use your dealership name, city, OEMs, and any other distinguishing marks that may assist you in appearing in searches in the bio. You are improving your SEO by doing this. Make sure to include a lovely image that is square rather than rectangular so that the edges don’t get cut off.


2. Whom should you appoint as your account manager?


You ought to! Don’t let the fresh kid or intern do it. The photographs of such dealerships are cluttered by the thousands of quickly created, early abandoned, and still active Twitter accounts that are floating about in cyberspace. Additionally, anyone looking for your dealership can follow an outdated account and completely miss you. Create a social media email address ( and add all of the social media profiles to it. Instead of going into each account and altering the email, you can just assign that email to a new user once all the social accounts have been entered into it. Due to the strength of social media and the need to minimize risk, the account should be managed by a dependable salesperson or manager.


3. Interacting


Followers are what give Twitter its power. How do you obtain them, then? How? through time, searches, and account raids. Find your OEM Twitter accounts first (@Ford, @GM, @Toyota). Find neighboring automakers, neighborhood associations, sports teams, and your friends. Once you’ve added a few people to your follow list, start adding their followers by looking at who they follow. The more you engage, the more others will follow you. They won’t all be eager automobile purchasers, but some of them might be local establishments or advocates. Make sure your website, communications, blogs, and SmartQuotes all have links to your Twitter account.


4. Twitter Speak & Media Sharing


The 140-character constraint that characterizes the Twitter experience gives rise to the term “Twitter speak.” As a result, there are now many acronyms, abbreviations, and shorter terms. I would write “Get 2 the dealership ASAP & hurry” (56 vs. 33 characters) if I wanted to express, “Get over to the dealership as soon as possible and hurry.” Use a link shortener, such as, to distribute media on your website. Many links won’t fit because Twitter only allows 140 characters, let alone any verbiage you would want to add. Any lengthy web address can be converted into a short one using a link shortener. You are able to add your own message using this. Use the @ sign and the person’s Twitter handle to let them know you’re talking to them, about them, or in reference to them in your tweets. For example, “Hey @JimZiegler, how are you?” will let them know you were speaking to, about, or in reference to them. Consider it to be Twitter’s CC.


#Hashtags 5.


The use of hashtags (#) in Twitter conversations is essential. They can be applied as filters, exclamation points, and TV channels. For instance, there was a lively Twitter chat during the SimpSocial Dealer Conference. A dealer may look for the hashtag for the most recent conference (#DD11) to participate. You would then see everyone who tweeted something with the hashtag #DD11, indicating that they were talking about SimpSimpSocial Dealer. The same outcome, which is essentially a channel for conference debate, can also be obtained by clicking on the hashtag in a tweet. On the Twitter website, popular hashtags are frequently displayed as “Trending Topics.”

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