Checklist for Digital Marketing in 2021

The new year is approaching quickly! How does your digital marketing plan for 2021 look? Have you recently changed your password? Have you checked to see if your website is optimized for lead generation?

We’ve put together the ultimate digital marketing guide, which includes a list of best practices that your company should implement as it prepares for 2021. For the best digital marketing tips in 2021, download our handy checklist.

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Checklist for Digital Marketing in 2021 from Blue Sky Marketing


Checklist for Marketing in 2021

The start of a new year is an excellent time to clean up your digital home!

Change Your Passwords – You can change your passwords on a daily basis, but updating them once a year is good digital hygiene.

Examine Your Marketing Strategy: Will your content in 2021 be in line with your objectives? Seasonality, keyword inclusion, and relevance to your audience should all be verified in your messaging.

Lead Generation – Is your website set up to help you generate leads? Make sure visitors can sign up for your email, send a form, create a login, or download content in a variety of ways.

Account Health in Google Analytics – Check your Google Analytics account to see if your results are in line with your objectives. Are you keeping track of anything you want to keep track of? Have your objectives shifted?

SEO – Use Google Search Console or a tool like SEM Rush to check your organic traffic and location. Is there something in your marketing strategy that encourages organic growth?

Do you have a strategy in place to keep your contacts interested in your emails? To boost your Open Rates, have you considered unsubscribing or archiving contacts who have not opened your emails?

Have you discovered ways to automate your sales and marketing activities in order to boost conversion rates? Which content do you need to curate in order to move leads down the sales funnel?

Video Marketing – In 2020, video was the most common form of social media content. Is a video marketing campaign part of your 2021 strategy?

Is your organic social media marketing calendar ready to go? Make a strategy for sharing the content that involves regular updates.

Facebook and Instagram Ads – Make sure your ad account is set up for success by beginning with specific goals, optimized pixels, and imaginative testing. Facebook’s new Creative Hub software will help you optimize your creative placements.

Google Ads – Conduct keyword analysis to identify emerging trends that are relevant to your business, and audit your landing pages to ensure that your ads match the messaging on your website.

In 2021, what’s new in digital marketing?

2020 was a vortex of pivoting marketing campaigns to meet changing consumer desires, to say the least. This year, more companies adopted more robust digital experiences, such as:

  • Tours in Virtual Reality
  • Consultations for Online Sales
  • Live Chat and Chatbots
  • Redesigns of websites
  • Email Experiences That Are Personalized
  • Social Outreach and Stories
  • Loan approvals and online applications

The online conversion world isn’t going anywhere, according to HubSpot, and “consumers are becoming more familiar with these platforms as well.” They’ll come to expect this climate as the norm for companies going forward as they continue to engage with brands across a digital landscape.”


Blue Sky’s strategy for 2021 will be to concentrate on what we do best: implementing best practices for online user interactions, aligning content with consumer needs, and delivering content that your prospects will find useful and affect conversions.


Start planning your digital marketing strategy for 2021 now.

As a 100% digital marketing agency, we understand how daunting this process can be, which is why we’ve made this list simple to download and keep on hand.


If you want to get ahead of the game next year, we’ve got you covered. For the past ten years, Blue Sky Marketing has always had your back and has helped our clients get the results they need from their digital marketing campaign.


In the new year, we’d like to assist your company’s digital marketing activities. To begin the conversation, fill out a contact form.



Examine the website! When was the last time you checked your website’s content for any obsolete information? Have you double-checked that your “About Us” page accurately represents your current team? Have you double-checked the accuracy of your Meta Data? It’s a smart idea to take a close look at the new year.

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