“Blind Spots” Preventing Auto Dealers From Customer Success,” New Book Reveals

“Blind Spots” is a fact-based manual for automobile retailers that offers tried-and-true, simple strategies for lowering their marketing expenses per sale and repair order (RO), growing their market share, enhancing their profitability, and outpacing the competition.


ATHENS –  Auto dealers have followed the same strategy for many years, but they’ve been hoping for different outcomes that are required to adjust to a shifting market. Most of the time, they are just unable to recognize the modern, cutting-edge marketing techniques that link them to today’s car buyers. In his latest book, “Blind Spots: A Guide To Eliminating Today’s Automotive Digital Media Waste,” PureCars CEO Jeremy Anspach specifically addresses these solutions.


“Blind Spots,” a fact-based resource for automotive retailers that is available at Amazon.com, offers tried-and-true, simple strategies that can increase market share, increase profitability, and give them a significant edge over rivals while lowering their ad costs per sale and repair order (RO).


Increased dealership profitability is largely dependent on reducing wasteful advertising. An estimated $13.4 billion (1) will be spent on digital advertising by the automobile industry, and over 40% of that amount will be wasted due to poor data, poor strategy, or both. With the aim of optimizing to the lowest cost per sale and RO, “Blind Spots” demonstrates how today’s cutting-edge advertising data and technology can help dealers follow and capture demand by helping them identify which vehicles they should be aggressively marketing, which target markets they should be marketing to, and which media channels will be most effective in reaching those markets.


The NADA Chairman and CEO of Ricart Automotive, Rhett Ricart, states in the preface that every dealership should compel its employees to read this book. Every general manager, marketing expert, director of digital operations, and so on and so forth should read it. We must adapt to the permanent changes in the environment. Make this book your road map for navigating that transformation.


Anspach walks the reader through a crucial trip that thousands of automotive workers are traveling through in “Blind Spots”—the actual digital revolution that is now occurring in the automotive industry. Anspach, who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, talks about his early aspirations to work in the automotive industry, his grandmother’s experience working on the Ford assembly line, and his first internet firms that launched his career in digital retailing and advertising for cars. Anspach gained a thorough understanding of the complexities and subtleties of the internet’s impact on the automotive sector along the way through experience and invention.


According to Anspach, the automotive sector today is “constantly focused on the premise that margin compression is increasing.” Every discussion I have serves as a reminder of this, which is a key factor in my decision to produce this book and provide dealers with a strategy for cutting waste while concentrating on increasing sales of automobiles, parts, and services.


The book delves deeply into the various types of blind spots that professionals still face today, the distinction between data and information, and successful cost-per-sale tactics. The book teaches readers how to target the right demographic for car sales, how to improve customer satisfaction, and how to use value-based intelligence to move inventory quickly and profitably. Along the way, Anspach offers first-hand accounts from reputable automobile industry experts who have benefited from several of these digital tactics.


It’s time for dealerships to open their eyes to marketing blind spots – and embrace cutting-edge twenty-first-century techniques before it’s too late, as Anspach eloquently conveys in his new book. Understanding how to employ these new cyber-selling strategies is crucial for dealers who wish to fight falling margins and emerging industry disruptors. The development of digital marketing has permanently transformed how dealers communicate with consumers.


The book sale’s revenues will be donated to a good cause. Visit Amazon.com to buy the book there.


What PureCars is


With its cutting-edge martech, advertising data, and portfolio management platform, PureCars is committed to assisting dealers and the automotive industry to prosper. With information that is PURE: Proven, Understandable, Relevant, and Essential, PureCars is the only source of PURETM Intelligence, offering dealers and automotive marketers a competitive edge. Industry-leading technology from PureCars makes better media buys by utilizing data and insights, which lowers the cost of advertising each unit sold and per repair order. Since the company’s foundation in 2007, PureCars has had remarkable success by fusing martech with digital merchandising, market analytics, and other technologies to offer dealers and partners best-in-class solutions that boost productivity and profitability. 65 of the top 100 dealer groups in North America use PureCars, which is compliant with 40+ brands and a certified digital provider for 15 OEMs in the U.S. and 1 in Canada.

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