Automotive Reviews Gone Wild

We all engage in it. One of the first things we do whenever we decide to purchase a new item or try a new service is to read reviews. We thoroughly research options on social media and review websites until we are satisfied with our decision. This is particularly true when making a significant purchase, such as selecting a new car or the dealership from which to buy it.


The good, the bad, the sad, the hilarious, and the ugly are all revealed in reviews.


We sincerely hope that your reviews don’t resemble the ones we found for actual dealerships. If they do, you must be prepared with a strategy.


Worst salespeople for any type of business, according to 1. They mistreat everyone, even customers, and use profanity in front of children. People should avoid this location because of its negative reputation. Those awful, awful individuals. Talk about being cheap—they charge visitors to use their restrooms.



Amazing vehicle. I have nevertheless participated in a couple police pursuits. Actually, I’m currently being chased by police. Because of the car’s speed, I can stop and leave a review without being discovered.


3. “This car has damaged my relationships with my family and friends… I’ve lost the ability to tell if people like me or my car… No longer am I loved for who I am. What good are two chairs if you have no friends? If you ask me, the space is worthless.


What are the dealers supposed to do?

Regardless of the reviews that have been left about your dealership, although some dealers have done so, we don’t advise doing so yourself. There are more effective approaches to solve the problem.


Be understanding of the circumstances at hand

Take the conversation offline and get the customer’s contact information.

Once the problem has been resolved, urge them to update their review.


If things start to become strange, don’t be afraid to defend yourself (politely, of course).

They refused to let me in on my 21st birthday since my license was vertical and from another state. A horizontal license cannot be obtained before the age of 21.

“Hi, I’m sorry to learn of your problems. But we deal in exotic premium brands as a car dealer. I’m not sure where you intended to leave the review, but would appreciate it if you will remove it because it lowers our star rating overall. (We strive for five stars!) I wish you the best.


It’s good if any of these reviews made you cringe. It indicates that you are aware of the conversations your present and potential clients are having.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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