“Attack On Dealerships”: Techniques for Dealers to Fight Vroom and Carvana’s Messaging

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, it’s likely that you saw the Vroom advertisement, which offended a lot of us in the dealer community.


Carvana has also been pushing an anti-dealer attitude in some of its current advertising and marketing. As dealers, you already have enough to worry about without worrying about widespread messaging that undermines your efforts and spreads the myth that doing business with a dealership is unpleasant.


Many dealers are rebelling because they’re not happy.


Dealers Respond to Vroom and Carvana Through Video

Here are 3 examples of dealers that have taken things into their own hands, and made short movies that fight the Vroom and Carvana propaganda.


Tips to Create Your Own Anti-Vroom Video

Not every dealer has the resources to develop an expensive and elaborate TV ad instantly. And even if you could, would it be the most effective?


In place of traditional media, Facebook and Instagram are now the go-to platforms for companies looking to reach their target customers in a far more focused and economical manner.

And thanks to Facebook and Instagram, it’s not always necessary to attract the attention of auto shoppers with overly prepared material.


Some of the most popular films that we are seeing from dealers are “native content,” which simply means that they have the appearance of a basic selfie video or anything that you may “natively” see on your timeline; expensive equipment is not required.


Check out this illustration from Thornton Automotive Dover:


Over 58,000 buyers in the dealer’s PMA were reached by this straightforwardly produced and edited video.


With the typical American spending 58 minutes per day looking through Facebook and Instagram, your dealership can create easy videos, get in front of your target audience, and counteract the messages of firms like Vroom and Carvana to lure auto consumers back into your dealership.

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