It’s time to get with the times and move to SIMPSOCIAL if you’re still utilizing a CRM. The basic conclusion is that in 2021, you won’t need a CRM to succeed in selling vehicles. Stop wasting your salespeople’s time by implementing CRMs that they don’t want to use. When you utilize SIMPSOCIAL instead of a CRM, we take care of everything. We manage your ads and follow up with your leads. We then pass the lead on to your dealership once we have a good lead for you. That means your salesmen can concentrate on what they do best: selling automobiles. (Don’t waste your time on a CRM all day.)






A CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, used to be a fantastic tool for auto dealerships trying to nurture internet leads. CRMs for vehicle sales grew in popularity in the 2010s, but now it’s 2021, and it’s time to look ahead.


Car salesmen are, at the end of the day, just that: salespeople. Don’t waste your time teaching them how to use a dull tool and making them feel comfortable with it. They aren’t the type to spend all day in front of a computer. Simply put, your sales crew wants to sell cars. So give them the opportunity to do what they do best: close transactions.


Furthermore, a CRM is only a tool. It’s a piece of software, after all. Every dealership is treated the same by a CRM, despite the fact that we know they are all distinct. We have a fantastic tool at SIMPSOCIAL that we use to assist you sell more automobiles, faster. But we also have real individuals on staff who can assist you in real time. They might be considered an extension of your own team. Our SIMPSOCIAL Text Ninjas are those people.


SIMPSOCIAL crm is used by sales agents.






We’ll say it again: selling automobiles no longer necessitates the use of a CRM. For the auto business, Customer Relationship Managers are a thing of the past. SIMPSOCIAL is the way of the future. We manage your social media marketing, gather leads, nurture them until they’re ready to buy a car, and then send them over to your dealership to lock them in and finish the deal. We’re a full-service firm dedicated to assisting dealerships like yours in selling more automobiles without the burden of a CRM. When it comes to selling vehicles, CRMs, like cold contacting potential prospects, are a thing of the past.


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You now understand why an auto sales CRM is a waste of time for both you and your salespeople. While a B2C agency or employee is an alternative to a CRM, with SIMPSOCIAL, you can tap into the potential of our complete team rather than just one individual. In addition, we are familiar with the automobile business. All we do is assist car dealerships in selling more vehicles. The majority of B2C customers are unfamiliar with the automotive sector. SIMPSOCIAL specializes in assisting auto businesses – and that’s all we do.


SIMPSOCIAL is a far superior CRM to the typical CRM. We replace between 80 and 90% of the work inside a CRM at SIMPSOCIAL. Why use a CRM when SIMPSOCIAL can provide you with a 10x return on your investment? SIMPSOCIAL’s system is effective.


Just ask any of our satisfied customers, who, thanks to SIMPSOCIAL, are selling more vehicles, SUVs, and trucks than ever before.






Here’s how our solution is better than a traditional CRM at helping you sell more cars. Our system consists of three steps. We use Facebook and Instagram advertisements to generate leads for your dealership, then our Text Ninjas follow up with those leads before passing them on to your sales staff to clinch the purchase. Your leads are completely unaware that they haven’t been engaged with your dealership the entire time.







We start by running Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate leads for your dealership. We’ve spent millions of dollars on social media ads, so we have a lot of data to work with when it comes to figuring out conversion patterns and how to develop ads that convert clients. We offer individuals in your area your greatest inventory and vehicle specials on the internet to get them to come to your dealership. This method aids us in capturing a large number of leads.







So, what are we going to do with all those leads we’ve collected for you? We can contact hundreds of leads at once thanks to our patented technology. This reduces the number of prospective leads we received from our Facebook and Instagram ads. Allow SIMPSOCIAL’s Text Ninjas to contact leads for you instead of your sales team spending the entire day trying to contact them. Following up with a text message is far more successful than calling. In fact, we’ve discovered that texting speeds up the sale of autos. Texting is significantly less intrusive, and sending a text message is much easier for leads than picking up the phone. Consider this: how many calls do you decline on a daily basis?







We pass leads to your sales staff once we have a lead who is ready to come into your dealership for a test drive or to see a car in person. Your salesperson simply needs to read the text conversation between our Text Ninja and the lead and continue where they left off. The salesperson has all of the necessary information to complete the transaction and sell the vehicle.



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It’s time to get rid of your CRM and replace it with SIMPSOCIAL. See how much easier it is to let your team spend their days closing car sales instead of having to teach them on crappy software. No more chasing down leads or spending the entire day in front of a computer. We take the guesswork and tedious software out of car sales. Get in touch with SIMPSOCIAL today to see what kind of return we can generate for you!




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How are we going to do it? We offer visitors around your dealership the best inventory and the most recent specials. We take them straight from Facebook and Instagram to your dealership and into their new car. We are the dealership marketing proof that selling vehicles on Facebook doesn’t require lying. So please don’t do that! Instead, put your faith in SIMPSOCIAL’s automobile marketing professionals. We’ll assist you in selling cars while maintaining the trust of your market and clients.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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