A Senior Living Community’s Guide to Blogging

You have a fantastic group, tenants who rave about you, and people who are interested in learning more. You want to maintain the momentum. So, how do you bring more value to your community? A blog is a good place to start because it can serve as a Q&A for potential tenants, provide instructions on best practices for the move, and also provide feedback and tips from senior living experts.

A blog can also be used to promote your activities and group spirit. Allowing families and prospective tenants to take a look inside the house is always a great idea if you host jam-packed nights of Bingo and movie nights with popcorn. Do you have a section on your website dedicated to news? This can also be used as a dedicated location for updates and resources.

If you can have some advice on cost and/or quality of treatment. These services can be highly beneficial to certain families as they conduct research and search for a senior living facility. Posting fresh, useful content on a regular basis will also help your SEO strategy. Visit our blog on How To Improve SEO For Your Assisted Living Community for more details.

Whether you’re just getting started or already have a blog, there are a few items to think about before writing your next post.

Your Senior Living Community’s Best Blog Topics

You may experience any writer’s block, but the best way to overcome it is to pay careful attention to the questions your family is asking. What is the process like for a family (or daughter) with an elderly parent who calls to arrange a tour? Is it easy for them to navigate your website? Is it possible for them to locate you on Google Maps? If so, be sure to include these useful links in a blog post titled “Plan Your Tour.” What about when they’re getting ready to come on a tour? Do you have a list of questions you can give them to help them with their search? If you don’t have one, check out our senior living checklist, which you can personalize and make your own.

What questions do those families have when they arrive? What are some of the issues that they are concerned about? This is something you might probably cover in a blog post.

What kind of follow-up do you have with senior living members after they enter your group to ensure that they are happy and relaxed in their new home? What do you say to someone who comes over after a certain time? Do they explain why they choose your neighborhood? It may have been the proximity to a major city, the menu, the proximity to family and friends, or even the levels of treatment. Whatever the cause, these are all excellent sources of information for answering questions on the internet. You can inform, build loyalty, and create a space where families and prospective residents can connect with your brand by sending well-designed, meaningful, and personalized messages to your audience.

How Often Do I Post on the Blog of My Senior Living Community?

You may be wondering how often you can write. Although some blogs are updated on a regular, weekly, or even hourly basis, most only update when you have something new to promote. This could be a special enrollment deal or a new facility feature.

Posting should adhere to a strict schedule. Although having relevant content online is essential, having content that serves a particular function is even more so. Is it assisting you in answering any of the questions or educating your audience on who you are? How many people are looking at your materials and buying them?

Let’s say you have a lot of content on your blog, but you can see from the analytics that it isn’t being read. Perhaps you should revisit them and amend the content or even change the materials to make them more current. We will be happy to assist you if you have any concerns about your online analytics and would like an evaluation.

What distinguishes you as a one-of-a-kind senior living community?

Yes, we did inquire about it. What distinguishes your neighborhood from the rest? What kinds of things do you have planned for your residents? Do you have a beauty salon where women can get their hair styled and their nails painted? Do you have a fitness center with instructors who teach on a weekly basis? This is something you should write about in a blog post. Can you have transportation for your senior living residents to appointments or shopping centers on a weekly basis? If that’s the case, these specifics could be the deciding factor for families trying to make a move for a loved one.

A blog can be an invaluable resource for educating and informing the senior living community from all over the world.

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