10 Great Cars for the Class of 2022 Graduates

ATLANTA Many college students who are graduating this semester will require a new vehicle as they enter this new stage of their lives, armed with diplomas in hand and ready to change the world. Recent graduates around the country will be looking for a new vehicle to assist them move forward along their chosen route, whether they need dependable transportation for their commute to and from that hard-earned first post-college job or they want to use a small loan to help establish their credit. The 10 Best Cars for Recent College Graduates have been selected by SimpSocial, to assist members of the class of 2022 in selecting from among the large selection of more than 300 new car models that are now on the market.


According SimpSocial, “Buying a young adult’s first new car can feel overwhelming, but with proper research and solid data in hand, it really doesn’t have to be.” “We caution fresh graduates against being overexcited and rushing to buy their utmost ideal car as soon as they receive their first real wage. Today, consumers have a ton of great new automobile options that won’t break the bank in terms of sticker price or fuel usage. Although the market is still experiencing some inventory issues, which have led to higher-than-average costs, consumers must approach the car-buying process with both patience and reasonable expectations. Finding the ideal car and getting a decent deal both depend on your ability to be flexible.


The new cars on this year’s list of the 10 Best Cars for Recent College Graduates are all reasonably priced, with starting prices under $30,000. Additionally, each option delivers fantastic fuel efficiency, stellar dependability ratings, and strong residual values (meaning each car is expected to keep its value well over time). Every car on the list, with the exception of the Ford Maverick, which comes close at 37 mpg, achieves a combined fuel economy of at least 40 miles per gallon. Check out the fantastic new automobiles for graduates in the class of 2022, which are listed alphabetically below and unranked:


The Top 10 Automobiles for New College Graduates in 2022


Ford Maverick 2022: $19,995


This little pickup truck includes seating for four or even five people, an open, hose-out bed for cargo, and an amazing hybrid powertrain that achieves a combined fuel economy of 37 mpg. Finding a dealer with one in stock for anything close to the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) may be your only obstacle.


$27,720 for a 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid


This stylish sedan gets 47 mpg, has excellent handling, a ton of standard amenities, and an upscale feel that belies its sub-$28,000 price tag. It also offers exceptional driving manners.


Honda Insight 2022: $25,760


This compact sedan combines a luxurious interior with excellent fuel economy (its hybrid powertrain achieves a combined fuel economy as low as 52 mpg). Due to Honda’s plans to relaunch the Civic Hybrid, the Insight will be discontinued after the 2022 model year, so now might be a good opportunity to get a great price on one.


Hyundai Elantra Hybrid 2022 Price: $24,100


With a combined fuel economy rating of up to 54 mpg, this fashionable, fully-equipped little car will make you an outsider at petrol stations. You must look for the extremely thrifty Elantra Blue trim level if you want to attain the best fuel efficiency.


Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq 2022: $23,600


This reasonably priced tiny hybrid has all of your numbers if you’re serious about saving money. It boasts a price of far under $25,000, up to 59 combined mpg, and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain guarantee.


Hybrid 2022 Hyundai Sonata: $27,350


This fashionable, fuel-efficient midsize 4-door boasts distinctive aesthetics and is rated as high as 52 mpg in Blue trim, so it’s perfect if you need a bit extra room for your guests and their belongings. That equates to an annual gasoline cost of just $1,200, which is lower than the cost of nearly every other midsize sedan on the market.


Kia Niro 2022: $24,690


The Niro is a fantastic option that gets up to 50 mpg combined and looks more like a small SUV than a hybrid. There are completely electric and plug-in hybrid variants of the Niro, if your budget allows, which may also be eligible for additional federal, state, and municipal incentives. The brand-new 2023 Kia Niro should be on the market soon if you really want to be in the know.


Toyota Camry Hybrid 2022 Price: $27,980


Forget about the old, dull Camry models. The most recent model of this midsize sedan has eye-catching appearance, a roomy interior with lots of space, and a competent entertainment system. The LE version of the Camry Hybrid, which is the most economical, has a combined fuel economy rating of 52 mpg.


$24,050 for a 2022 Toyota Corolla hybrid.


The Corolla, a longtime favorite due to its stellar reputation for dependability, was recently redesigned with a more expressive personality and higher fuel efficiency. Despite being rated at 52 mpg combined, the Corolla Hybrid’s slick appearance offers little clues as to its environmental friendliness.


Toyota Prius 2022: $25,075


Thanks to its affordable sub-$26,000 price tag, this ground-breaking fuel saver may well be within reach. It will undoubtedly be the envy of the office parking lot. The Prius can get up to 56 mpg combined when equipped with the Eco trim level.


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