10 Facebook Live Marketing Tips for Auto Dealerships Increase Sales with Live Video

The live-streaming platform Facebook Live is excellent for auto dealers who wish to interact with customers and increase sales. These suggestions can assist you in producing dynamic and interesting videos that will keep your audience returning for more, whether you’re new to Facebook Live or trying to enhance your game.


Check out the complete guide I prepared for Facebook Live here for a detailed explanation on how to set up the service and produce live broadcasts.


Utilizing Facebook Live to its fullest at your dealership

There are many ways to utilize Facebook Live nowadays, from arranging virtual test drives to presenting your dealership’s newest arrivals.


Today I’ll demonstrate how to be original and communicate with your audience to create a devoted following that will boost engagement and sales. So secure your seatbelt and get ready to enhance your Facebook Live game!


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1) Allow Customers to Tour Your Showroom Virtually

Why not let buyers take a 360-degree tour of the dealership while showcasing your newest models?


Every time we installed a new sign or made significant changes to the showroom, for instance, we did this at my dad’s dealership. You can take your customers on a virtual tour of your showroom while they relax in their own homes using this Facebook Live video. Describe what they can anticipate to see on the trip after a brief introduction.


Then, grab your smartphone and start pointing out various vehicles, unique features, and any ongoing deals as you go through your showroom. Make sure you discuss each car, why it’s a fantastic choice, and how it may help the client.


Make the tour as interactive as you can to add a special touch to this film. Encourage clients to ask questions as you go and make sure someone is there to address them immediately. This will demonstrate to your clients that you are personable and competent while also creating a sense of community around your dealership.


Have each team member introduce themselves and share their favorite feature of working at the dealership to interest the entire crew. Encourage them to participate in the tour and educate the audience with their knowledge. Customers will get the chance to interact with your team and get to know the welcoming faces behind the dealership at this event.


2. Presenting the Team

Building trust and relationship with your consumers by putting a face to the name of your business is a terrific strategy. We always made sure to introduce our team members to our clients when I worked at my dad’s dealership, whether it was in person or through marketing materials. Additionally, Facebook Live is the ideal channel for introducing your team to a larger audience in the digital age we currently live in.


Have each team member provide a unique personal story or fun information as part of your team introduction to make it stand out. Customers feel more a part of your team because of this look into the personality behind the dealership. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to showcase your team’s sense of humor and give viewers a cause to watch subsequent live streams.


Last but not least, remember to include every member of your crew in the Facebook Live. Encourage them to talk about their experiences, respond to customer inquiries, and engage with viewers. Along with strengthening team unity, this also allows clients a chance to get to know everyone who works at your dealership. Who knows, you might even find a new player for your squad during the live stream!


3) The Advantages of Shopping at Your Dealership

Emphasize the special benefits of doing business with your dealership, such as the reasonable prices and top-notch customer service.


We always made care to emphasize the distinctive advantages of purchasing from my dad’s dealership. We provided great customer service and competitive pricing that you wouldn’t find at just any dealership. And I believe the message is still relevant today.


This is your moment to fully pitch the advantages of doing business with your dealership during your Facebook Live. You can certainly discuss the reasonable prices, but what makes your dealership unique? Do you provide customers with unlimited free car washes? Do you have a group of professionals in your finance division who can assist customers in choosing the best vehicle loan or lease option? Make sure to draw attention to these distinctive benefits and let buyers know what makes your dealership stand out from the competition.


But demonstrate the advantages, not simply describe them! Give customers a tour of your showroom so they can view the incredible selection you have. Let them witness how amiable and informed your crew is by introducing them to some of your employees.


Additionally, be sure to include every member of your staff in the video, whether it be by having them offer a brief wave or a testimonial on what makes your dealership unique. Customers are more inclined to choose you over your rivals when they see the welcoming faces behind your dealership and the distinctive benefits of working with you.


4) Facebook Live Launch of a New Model

Showcase the newest models to customers, replete with features and specifications.


Facebook Live is a fantastic method to give your consumers a sneak preview of the most recent models, complete with all the crucial details and features. This is an especially pertinent time for you to showcase your inventory and get people enthusiastic about what you have to offer if you are a franchised new vehicle dealer.


When I was working with a Harley Davidson dealership, they launched a new line of motorcycles using a Facebook Live. They brought some of the bikes in, discussed their features, and even gave them a test drive around the parking lot. The clients adored it! Instead of merely reading about the motorcycles on a webpage, they actually experienced the bikes and got to see them in action.


Include as many of your personnel as you can to make this work for your dealership. While another person tests each automobile out, have someone present the specifications and characteristics of each vehicle. Make it participatory and invite questions from your audience. You may even hold a contest for the best question, offering the winner a discount on their subsequent purchase or a free oil change as the reward. The objective is to make the event entertaining and interesting so that your clients will watch and become enthusiastic about your dealership.


5) Question and Answer Session on Car Financing

We can definitely include some of my own expertise from running a finance brokerage for a Facebook Live video on “How to Finance a Car.” When I worked there, I recall learning some insider information, such as how dishonest brokers will exaggerate interest rates to get more commissions. Customers should therefore seek financing assistance directly from a dealership because of this.


Setting the stage and describing why financing a car might be daunting and perplexing for certain customers would be my first steps in creating an appealing film. I would then discuss my personal experience as well as some advice I picked up while running my financial brokerage.


This will humanize the presentation and demonstrate my familiarity with the car lending sector.


Last but not least, I’d want to conclude the video by providing some useful tips on how to secure the greatest financing deal, including what to consider when comparing interest rates, how to bargain with lenders, and how to avoid hidden fees.


I would also stress the need of working with a trustworthy dealership, as they will have access to a greater selection of financing alternatives and can assist clients in locating the offer that best suits their particular requirements. Making the video entertaining and educational at the same time is crucial if you want viewers to feel more comfortable purchasing their next vehicle.


6) Upkeep and service How-Tos

Give advice on how to maintain and extend the lifespan of automobiles. I have the honor of working with some of the top mechanics and service technicians when I work in dealerships. They all have first-hand experience working on a variety of automobile models, which gives them a special understanding of how to maintain cars in top shape and increase their longevity.


We will share some of the advice and tricks our service experts have picked up over the years in this Facebook Live video. Your customers will appreciate the chance to get exclusive tips on how to care for and maintain their vehicles. We’ll be sure to cover everything, from easy suggestions like tire pressure to more involved issues like oil changes and brake maintenance.


You might include some of my personal experiences working in auto repair and maintenance to give it a more personalized touch. Additionally, you ought to urge everyone on your staff to take part and contribute their own knowledge of the subject. In this manner, you may present a well-rounded viewpoint and interact meaningfully with your clients. By offering useful information, you’ll win them over and position your business as an authority on auto care and maintenance advice.


Question and Answer Section

A classic chance for some questions and answers! Don’t you love a nice Q&A session? This is your time to demonstrate the extensive skill set that you and your team have developed over the course of your career in the auto industry.


Currently, the secret to filming “Frequently Asked Questions” is to be interesting and instructive. You want to make sure that your clients feel valued and that their issues are handled in a supportive and cordial way.


Keep a record of the frequently asked questions your clients have asked salespeople over the past few weeks and months, such as “does the car come with a service and oil change?”


Why not make it a little bit like a game show to give it a unique twist? You may have some fun with it and engage your team by giving them various questions to respond to.


Why not have each team member take turns answering a question to involve every member of your staff? This will not only provide your viewers a chance to learn more about each member of the team, but it will also keep the video engaging and entertaining. Additionally, it will allow everyone member of your team an opportunity to excel and display their knowledge.


8) Display Your Favorite Picks

Give a tour of your used automobile inventory and point out your own favorites. Discuss the special qualities and advantages of each car, as well as why you believe they are the finest available.


When a rare Subaru arrived with a custom paint job, I knew I was working with a car dealer who was passionate about modified Japanese vehicles. When the car arrived, he posted a Facebook live video about it, which garnered a lot of interest and resulted in customers stopping by the store just to view the vehicle.


You might include your workers by asking different staff members each week to choose their favorite car in the showroom and display it to customers.


9) Proven Advice for Purchasing a Used Car

Provide suggestions and guidance to clients looking to purchase a used car. Share your knowledge on the tyres, engine sounds, and checking for typical electrical issues like electric windows when buying a used car.


Each employee can participate in this by inspecting their own car and demonstrating how well they take care of it.


10) Bring the audience along for a test drive.

You may drive and live broadcast it on Facebook as long as you’re in the passenger seat and not behind the wheel and your phone has 4G service.


Take viewers on a live tour of the test drive path that your dealership has built while discussing the various handling characteristics of the vehicle.


Giving the task to a different employee each time or having the Facebook live ride along with consumers are two ways to involve the staff.


Conclusion to the post “10 Facebook Live Ideas for Car Dealerships: Boost Your Sales and Engagement” There is no longer any reason not to implement the Facebook live suggestions in this article; try them out right away, and you’ll see how quickly your Facebook experience improves from mediocre to outstanding.

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