Create the dealership of the future with AI-driven solutions.

Increase sales, improve customer experiences, and streamline operations with SimpSocial’s AI-powered solutions for car dealers.

AI Benefits for Car Dealers

Boost Your Sales with AI

Harness the power of AI to analyze your first and third-party data, predicting customer preferences and behaviors with precision. Empower your marketing team to craft highly targeted campaigns, turning leads into sales and driving revenue growth like never before.

Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Leverage AI to automate and optimize your marketing efforts. Our advanced lead scoring system pinpoints the most promising leads, ensuring your campaigns are laser-focused on ready-to-buy prospects. Maximize the impact of your marketing budget with precision-targeted strategies.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Boost your dealership’s efficiency with AI by automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows. This reduces operational costs and allows your team to focus on more valuable activities.

Easy integrations with your favorite CRM

SimpSocial seamlessly integrates with all major CRM and DMS systems, including VinSolutions, Eleads, DealerSocket, PBS, Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK, DealerTrack DMS, and more. We share the belief that if it’s not recorded in the CRM, it didn’t happen. This integration ensures all customer interactions and data are accurately tracked and managed. Additionally, our compatibility with leading DMS providers enables comprehensive ROI reporting, giving you valuable insights into your dealership’s performance.

If It’s Not in the CRM, It Didn’t Happen

SimpSocial Broadcast Blast Texting

SimpSocial’s Broadcast Blast Texting empowers automotive dealers to reach a wide audience instantly. By sending targeted text messages, dealers can inform potential buyers about new arrivals, special promotions, and exclusive events. This direct and immediate communication method increases engagement and drives more traffic to your dealership, ultimately boosting car sales. Utilizing Broadcast Blast Texting helps dealers stay connected with their customers, ensuring they are always informed and ready to make a purchase.

SimpSocial Power Dialer

A cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize your dealership’s sales process. By automating call dialing, it maximizes your team’s productivity, allowing them to connect with more prospects in less time. This increased call volume leads to more appointments and, ultimately, more car sales. Additionally, the Power Dialer provides detailed call analytics and customer insights, enabling your sales team to tailor their approach and close deals more effectively. With SimpSocial Power Dialer, automotive dealers can boost their sales performance and achieve greater success.

SimpSocial's website chat, along with VDP and SRP chat

Is powered by, an advanced AI assistant designed to engage customers effectively. By providing instant responses to inquiries and personalized assistance 24/7, ensures potential buyers receive the information they need without delay. This continuous engagement helps convert more website visitors into leads and ultimately boosts car sales. Additionally, the seamless interaction enhances customer satisfaction, setting your dealership apart from competitors.
SimpSocial's AI Solutions for Car Dealerships
Digital Advertising
Leverage your first and third party data to create highly effective AI-powered social, search and display ads that are optimized around the clock to drive high intent leads for your dealership.
Audience Activation
Engage your entire CRM at scale with AI-powered personalized email and lead nurture campaigns designed to turn dead leads into active shoppers and create a new stream of revenue for your dealership.
SimpSocial ChatGPT

Integrate SimpSocial ChatGPT into your website to provide AI-powered dealership-specific, personalized, and highly detailed replies to incoming customer questions and provide shoppers with an excellent customer experience 24/7.

Put every vehicle at the front of your lot with AI-powered campaigns designed to drive shopper-grade traffic to your lagging VDPs so you can get your aging or at-risk inventory seen and sold.
Website Engagement
Elevate your website experience with AI-powered personalized engagements designed to drive lead conversions by providing your shoppers with hyper-relevant, valuable information and offers that relate directly to their needs.
Customer Data Platform

Unify your dealership’s data sources into one cohesive platform and gain AI-powered insights into your customer preferences and dealership operations that you can leverage to create excellent experiences for every shopper at every touch point and drive loyalty.

David E.
David E.
Great follow up on leads!!!
Angella Nektalov
Angella Nektalov
Simpsocial amazing and extremely unique platform. Working with Simpsocial has been a game changer. . AI engagement, drip campaigns, 24 hr BDC campaigns using automation, integration with DMS and other CRMs, AI driven calls, and way more
ben romero
ben romero
Very good service
Anthony Trapal
Anthony Trapal
Great follow up team consistent and truly believe in the philosophy of Buy or Die!
Ronny H.
Ronny H.
Probably the best communication tool I have ever used, this is the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable and easy to use marketing system that I have ever used.
Credit America Auto Sales
Credit America Auto Sales
John resolved my issue, great customer service. Thanks!!
Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy
Great team
Michael Khodadadian
Michael Khodadadian
Amazing experience and service! Very Satisfied!
Jacob Zargari
Jacob Zargari
I recently had the pleasure of partnering with Simpsocial and I am extremely impressed with their exceptional service and expertise. From the initial strategy sessions to the execution of our campaigns, their team demonstrated unparalleled creativity, professionalism, and dedication. Simpsocial took the time to understand our brand and marketing goals thoroughly. They provided insightful recommendations that significantly enhanced our advertising strategy. Their innovative approach and keen understanding of the market were evident in the campaigns they developed, which effectively captured our target audience’s attention and drove impressive results. The level of communication throughout the project was outstanding. Their team was always prompt, clear, and proactive in keeping us informed about the progress and performance of our campaigns. They were also highly responsive to our feedback, ensuring that any adjustments were swiftly and seamlessly integrated. The quality of work delivered by Simpsocial exceeded our expectations. The creativity and attention to detail in their advertisements were top-notch, resulting in a noticeable increase in our brand visibility and engagement. Their ability to balance creative vision with strategic execution truly sets them apart.In summary, Simpsocial is a top-tier advertising agency that combines creative brilliance with exceptional client service. I highly recommend them to any business seeking a reliable and talented partner for their advertising needs. Their commitment to excellence and results-oriented approach make them a standout choice in the industry.
Alexis Fry
Alexis Fry
Simpsocial is this best has really been such a big help with my Bdc Team and i Manan is the best to work with always so happy and nice to work with and always gets the job done and gets me more leads i 1000% suggest doing your business with then they will take care of you I've been working with them for almost 4 years now amazing

How from SimpSocial works for Car Dealerships

Data Integration

SimpSocial unifies your dealership’s first and third party data into one integrated platform.

Identity Resolution

Using AI-powered identity resolution technology, SimpSocial cleans and maintains your dealership data.


SimpSocial’s AI-powered solutions leverage your dealership data to create and execute smart, targeted, and personalized marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Optimization

SimpSocial AI monitors and optimizes your campaigns, working cross platform to adjust campaigns, budgets, and audiences around the clock.

Our Story

SimpSocial is passionately committed to transforming dealership experiences into lasting customer relationships. Originating from deep roots in the automotive industry within the United States, our co-founders bring together over 50 years of combined experience in automotive retail and vendor relations. United by a shared vision, they realized the potential to revolutionize the way dealerships of all sizes and processes operate. Today, SimpSocial stands as a dynamic tech company with a dedicated team of top-tier engineers, data scientists, and world-class customer success managers.

Our reach extends beyond the U.S. into the Canadian market, where we continue to help dealerships surpass their sales goals every month, enhancing customer experiences across North America.

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